Essential Winter Survival Gear Checklist

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Have you heard? The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that this coming winter is going to be way colder than last year – which means you need to have a winter survival gear checklist handy for the coming months.

Winter often sneaks up on preppers when they’re not looking.

One minute, they’re enjoying the fall colors and crisp cool breeze, and the next minute there’s a foot of snow in front of their door and they realize they did next to nothing to prepare.

We don’t want you to fall into that trap of unpreparedness; that’s why we’ve got this blog article with essential pieces of survival gear you need specifically for winter.

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When the snow hits and the cold kicks in you’ll be thankful you stocked up in advance by following our…

Essential Winter Survival Gear Checklist

Getting Snowed In & General Winter Survival

Many of us have experienced the common emergency of being snowed in during the wintertime. However, even if you haven’t, you’ve likely experienced driving over dangerous ice on the road, or having to dig your car out of your driveway so you can get to work.

Unfortunately, winter is one of the most popular times for emergencies like hypothermia, blizzards, and power outages to occur. And when snow + ice combine, it can lead into a host of problems that may require you to break out your survival gear.

Here are some important survival tools to have in your home so that you’re prepared for disaster this winter:

1 – Warm Clothing

Earmuffs, hats, gloves, snow pants, jackets, winter boots and other warm clothing are crucial to helping you keep your body temperature up and avoid hypothermia.  It’s also incredibly important to have warm wool blankets on-hand to curl up in when it gets too cold.

We’ve got a great wool blanket here – it’s super warm and insulating, and it dries quickly when wet, allowing you to get toasty warm in a hurry. Check it out by clicking here or on the image below.

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